As several friends are moving (or returning) to this platform lately I’ve decided to “return” as well in order to reserve my position here, so that I may more easily keep track of- and interact with- their content on this platform. As for myself, however? With their introduction of the Gutenberg Editor, I have zero interest or intent to ever return to WordPress properly should I ever return to longform blogging about my faith.

As a disabled and impaired person I find the new editor incredibly abelist and unfriendly in design, as well as an atrocious mockery of how writing should function (especially on Desktop)- which is the whole of the reason I shut down my blogs and left this platform in the first place. And so as long as WordPress continues to support the Gutenberg Editor (or any like it) and forces its use upon its users without the availability of a disability and desktop friendly alternative, I will continue to refuse to use their service seriously.

I do exist elsewhere, however, and do still maintain a blogging presence in some- now significantly limited and far more personal- capacity. And in that regard: If you would like to properly find me, then you may do so through the following links; my professional Divination services also remain available through Ko-Fi, in a now-updated capacity.