As several friends are moving (or returning) to this platform lately I’ve decided to “return” as well in order to reserve my position here, so that I may more easily keep track of- and interact with- their content on this platform. As for myself, however? With their introduction of the Gutenberg Editor, I have zero interest or intent to ever return to WordPress properly should I ever return to longform blogging about my faith.

As a disabled and impaired person I find the new editor incredibly abelist and unfriendly in design, as well as an atrocious mockery of how writing should function (especially on Desktop)- which is the whole of the reason I shut down my blogs and left this platform in the first place. And so as long as WordPress continues to support the Gutenberg Editor, or any like it, I will refuse to use their service seriously.

I do exist elsewhere, however, and do still maintain a blogging presence in some (now significantly limited) capacity. And in that regard: If you would like to properly find me, then you may do so on either of my Bloggers (Fæger Rosenbeet for my Year and a Day, or A Sprag Salfige for my Calendar Building) or my Tumblr (A Sprag Salfige for my personal journal and studies); my old Irish Reconstructionist content- as well as some archived Pagan writing of mine from the early 2010’s- has likewise been moved to Blogger (Among Wild Juniper).